A new fall ritual inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road

Written by Marylyn Motherbear, a member of our advisory board.



Happy Halloween, All ~

Yolkai Scott and Clyde Mighty Scott as Furiosa and Mad Max. Photo credit to Asher Brumberger

Yolkai Scott and Clyde Mighty Scott as Furiosa and Mad Max. Photo credit to Asher Brumberger

This one was unusual for me. For reasons I’m not going to get into, I was unable to carry out any plans for the evening of ‘costumery’ and assuming a persona (which I love to do). It was the first time in my life that I haven’t costumed up at some point! Nonetheless, I gave thought as to who or what I would be.

The answer came when I was chatting with Yolkai LeFierce who planned (and I see carried out) a Mad Max Fury Road theme. Yolkai and I would often make ‘family’ costumes, our Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein among the most memorable. When she told me her Fury Road plan, she being Furiosa—How perfect is that? And how great she looked!—I asked who would I be? No sooner had the question been asked when ‘she’ came to me: The Keeper of Seeds. Since then, this persona has invaded my super-consciousness and infiltrated my life story. I had to research it. The following is a brief synopsis and a bit of dialogue that identifies the Vuvalini and the Keeper of Seeds.

The Vuvalini are a matriarchal tribe of the Clan of Many Mothers. It is the last remaining tribe of the Clan. Most of the members are old and they have no men to breed with. They originally dwelt in The Green Place. Now they are biker nomads seeking a new place to live. Notable members are The Valkyrie and the Keeper of the Seeds. Imperator Furiosa was stolen from them as a child by a Citadel war party.

Excerpt of dialogue:

Keeper of the Seeds: I like this plan…we could start again, just like the old days!
Keeper of the Seeds: [After a pause] Come here. Take a peek. (She holds open a stained old cloth bag.)
The Dag: [gasping] Seeds.
Keeper of the Seeds: These are from home. Heirlooms. The real thing! I plant one every chance I get.
The Dag: Where?
Keeper of the Seeds: So far nothing’s ‘took.’ Earth’s too sour.
The Dag: Ah! So many different kinds.
Keeper of the Seeds: Trees, flowers, fruit. Back then everyone had their field.

Here’s to the old ones who keep the seeds. Here’s to the strong ones who withstand the wounds…re-grow the garden. Here’s to the young ones who are tenacious in the midst of it all…keep our hearts full of joy. Here’s to the earth that brings diverse forms of life into being…teaching us how to live. Here’s to the spirit of those that have crossed over the veil, sending rays of illumination into our awareness…reminding us of the wisdom of our ancestors. The veil, so thin at this time, we can drink deep from the cup of eternity…awaken to the rising sun…feel the rains sink into the earth…nourish our body.

And so it is.

With love and blessings,



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  • Blessing:

    Here’s to all of those who struggle with contaminated blood, contaminated life force in our perilous times. Here’s to all who long to enact the ceremony of blood kin, but cannot for fear of disease. Blessings on the blood, on the longing, on the desecrated sacred, on the life force, on the apocalyptic unveiling . Through the fire of the longing in the deep caverns of our hearts, during the short days and long nights of the underworld season, may our visions be purified and join the dance of the mysterious unknown becoming.