Announcing the Ritual Arts Reading List – What would you add?

What works of literature define the field of Ritual Arts? Help us gather them together! Works we’ve gathered so far are listed in our new Ritual Arts Reading List. At the bottom is a short form where you can submit works that have inspired your own thinking, research or art.

We’d especially like to see:

  • published works of scientific value on the nature, causes and effects of ritual on individuals and groups
  • collections of ritual descriptions, recordings, or objects from diverse cultures
  • attempts to define or catalogue rituals, ritual theater or performance, mythologies, or any closely related topics
  • published scholarly research on altered states of consciousness
  • critical analyses of anyone’s attempts at any of the above

Check back periodically to see how this list grows over time, and send in as many contributions as you find whenever you find them. Together, we’ll create the literary foundations of this diverse field and help shape the way future artists and scholars define and support their work.


Check out the Ritual Arts Reading List.


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