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Creating the Living Art of Ritual


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CFP: Creating the Living Art of Ritual

Modern ritualists are exploring ancient and modern ritual traditions in many forms, in litanies, liturgies, as seasonal customs, and as a deliberate creation done with consciousness and intentionality by artists in gallery shows and in performance. Spiritual traditions, in specific, use ritual to create specific experiential events whether in the familiar “Sunday service”, at Shabbat, or calls to prayer or in small groups outside the “mainstream”.  Beyond the discipline of anthropological “ritual studies” focused upon the past, theological schools and consciousness studies departments in higher education are beginning to explore this area of study by developing program tracks and additions to conference programming as a living art.

This issue will explore the living art of ritual creation from co-creation within diverse spiritual traditions to artists utilizing ritual and ritualistic forms to create a specific experience and ask:

What makes for an effective ritual experience?

Some topics to consider are the “nut & bolts” of ritual creation and how they may differ from individuals and groups. How does ritual creation differ from other forms of expression – both spiritual or artistic? What is the role of media, the visual arts and music? What role do folk customs and and myth play within ritual creation?  Do purpose and intent play a large or smaller role in ritual outcomes?

It is clear that ritual is very ancient, as archeology has shown us, utilized by peoples of of all continents. Ritual is also important in the development theatre in the Mediterranean and throughout the middle ages through miracle plays and mummers.  Papers exploring the themes of re-creationist, surviving traditions and the known experience of ancient peoples’ are all welcomed.

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