Spring 2017 Call for Papers

A Faun Dancing: The Emergent Ecstatic Aesthetic

Faery Festivals/Cons, Indy Music, “Burners”, Green Women and Blue Men

Abstract Deadline:  December 1, 2016

Paper Deadline: December 21, 2016 (peer reviewers deadline: January 6, 2017)

Deadline for final version: February 1

Publication date: February 28 (print), March 3 (web version) 2017

CFP: http://wp.me/p6GxHI-I


Note: For the next several issues of Coreopsis, we will publish rituals of resistance. From a spiritual perspective, what was effective? Empowering? What and how did you approach the ritual? If a public event, how did you keep safe space? Any and all Traditions and all positive actions are welcomed. If you wish to submit for peer review, please tell us. Message me for the Addy for the submission guidelines. Please share this announcement.

“Intention is highly co-created. The idea is that we’re all making it together. There is a core crew but the organizers pay the same amount as everybody else who attends. Everybody gets involved, helping decorate and offer their workshops, that kind of thing. We really create the space to be surprised by people’s offerings, beyond who might be programmed to present something. It’s a very beautiful, deeply connected, intimate transformational gathering.”

Jeet Kei, April 19, 2013, Interview: Festival Fire

Reclaiming a distant past in a new dress? The emerging “ecstaticdrawing-of-a-green-man_0 culture” of blue and green

men, faery music, art, spiral dances, fire art, and Faery conferences and art/music festivals.

Paper topics under consideration, but not limited to:

  • The music: a haven for indie artists
  • Influences beyond the counter-culture
  • The power of co-creation
  • Spiritual crossovers: yoga, meditation, Zen, Neo-pagan traditions, Faery spirituality … etc. …
  • Costuming and cosplay
  • Counter-culture movement or passing fancy? Commercialism, popularity, promotions, and into the future
  • Beyond the U.S.: is there a contemporary aesthetic/ ecstatic movement beyond the United states? (RE: Castlefest, )
  • The Influence of the Magico/Spiritual and Fantasy movements of the mid-twentieth century on the emergent ecstatic community of 2017.
  • Safety, children, boundaries, and other concerns…

Submission Guidelines: http://societyforritualarts.com/coreopsis/call-for-papers-fall-2016/

Aug 1, 2014: Buffalo Infringement Festival 2014

Days Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObCj0RvKf7w


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