In Memoriam

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Hail and Farewell… We remember those who have recently passed into the next world after having made this one a better place.



Christopher “Chris” Russell Edward Squire 4 March 1948 – 28 June 2015

Influential musician, songwriter, and singer, best known as the bass guitarist and backing vocalist for the progressive rock band YES. With his signature rickenbacker bass, Squire virtually redefined the instrument for players in genres from rock to jazz to classical.

We can do no greater tribute than to present his music:

The performance that won the Grammy: “Whitefish/Amazing Grace, Union tour,” Live in Denver, CO May 9, 1991: 

“A nightmare is two bassists on stage.” Chris Squire




BB King  September 16, 1925 – Berclair, Mississippi, MS

Died: May 14, 2015, Las Vegas, NV

The “King of the Blues” Riley B. King was born to sharecropper parents outside of Indianola, Mississippi. One of the most influential musicians of the 20th century has left us. BB King’s musical influences have been felt in blues, jazz, bluegrass and folk, pop, rock, gospel, and well beyond into contemporary experimental compositions for ballet and opera.

“The blues was bleeding the same blood as me.” B. B. King




Leonard Nimoy March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015

There is little we can add to Leonard Nimoy’s many tributes these past few months except to say that his work has touched all of us and will continue to do so well into the the next phases of our lives. He lived long and he prospered.

“Other times, you’re doing some piece of work and suddenly you get feedback that tells you that you have touched something that is very alive in the cosmos.” Leonard Nimoy




John Renbourn 8 August 1944 – 26 March 2015

Beloved finger-style guitarist whose influence has been felt for four decades in early, traditional, folk and jazz and far beyond music into mythopoetic literary and visual works of the 20th and into the 21st century.

Tribute: Folk Music and Beyond 


No Love is Sorrow Pentangle, Solomon’s Seal 1972



John Tout ? – 1 May 2015

Renaissance keyboard player John Tout passed away Friday, May 1st at 4.30 pm from lung failure at The Royal Free Hospital, London, England.


Song of Scheherazade Renaissance 1975


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