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Rash Acts:35 Snapshots for the Stage

Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller

Available at Independent Eye

“A new, expanded edition of unique comedies, nightmares, and quirky dramatic portraits drawn from 45 years of touring by two of America’s landmark theatre ensembles. They have also been produced by numerous schools, colleges, and theatres throughout the US.”





A Force Such as the World Has Never Known: Women Creating Change edited by Sharon G. Mijares, Aliaa Rafea and Nahid Angha

Inanna Publications November 05, 2013

ISBN # 978-1-77133-056-5

428 Pages

“They are women who rescue, teach, and empower girls and women and are advocates for positive change in judicial and religious institutions.” Their stories come from “Syria, Japan, Costa Rica, Brazil, Bangladesh, Tibet, India, China, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Liberia, United Kingdom, Iran, Uganda, Venezuela, Sweden, Canada, and the United States of America.” Jean Shinoda Bolen, Foreword

Available for purchase at Inanna



A Tapestry of Witches: A History of the Craft in America, Volume I (Volume 1)
Aidan A. Kelly Hierophant Wordsmith Press 2014

Available through Amazon



Announcing Mythopoiesis: A Journal of Poetry and Radical Thought  May 30, 2015  Aidan Kelly, Editor

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