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The Yemaya Festival…Montevideo 2015: a Living Tradition by Lezlie Kinyon
Chris Squire: A Personal Appreciation by Gary Hobish

Journal News
Changes are in the Wind from Coreopsis: New Beginnings & Manifesting the Magic
Announcing the formation of the Society for Ritual Arts
With the inauguration of the Lost Chord Award we are delighted to announce that our first awardees are…
The Genesis of the Lost Chord Award

Between the Worlds
The Shaman and His Daughter by Ivan Szendro
Shamanic Community Building through Social Media by Mera Szendro

Raising the Dead: Medicine Women who Revive and Retrieve Souls by Max Dashu
Sexual Myth and the Use of Condoms in African Culture by Pauline Evina-Stangl, R.N., P.H.N.
Council Dreaming and Stories: Experiences of Healing and Transformation through Jaguar Medicine by Vera Lucia de Souza Moura MD, MS-MBM and Donald Moss,Ph.D.
An Artistic Visualization of Christ’s Passage Through the Stations of the Cross as Viewed Through the Lens of 1965 Selma by Hallie M. Frazer

Featured Album: Wassail by Big Big Train, review by Steve Blomerth

Profiles in Art
Gallery: Luisah Teish
Interview: Chief Luisah Teish, Iyanifa by  Jenna Farr Ludwig, MA
An Interview with Fawn Journeyhawk: Native Elder, Healer, Visionary, Storyteller, Craftsperson, & Wisdom-Keeper By Ronald L. Boyer

Grandmother Moon by Fawn Journeyhawk

New Music
New Books & Print Publications

Projects by Coreopsis Volunteers

In Memoriam

The Final Word
Understanding Cultural Appropriation by David Arv Bragi
From Genly Ai to Louis Proof:  Are People of Color Well Represented in Science Fiction and Fantasy? by Lezlie A. Kinyon, Ph. D.

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