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Songs for the Gods and Witches

By Aidan Kelly

Available on Amazon. (I hope to have it available also as a Kindle e-book, but I am still struggling with that system.) Rather than clutter up this message, I am inserting the hyperlink to my blog, which gives more details.

Peace, Love, and Blessed Be, Aidan Kelly


We just found this and we love it! – The eds.


Rabbit’s Song Trudy Herring and S.J. Tucker

Feb 14, 2009 Magical Child Press

Trickster came a’calling To find a totem here

To teach the foolish heart of man

Without installing fear.

Many came and many went And still the Trickster paused;

Bear and Cat and Tiger tried but had too many claws.

Dog and Wolf though wise indeed

Had teeth t’were quite a fright

And Owl with his tawny eyes could only see at night.

“No,” the Trickster said at last

“Teachers, I see many.

But My way is full of laughter and in you I see not any.” (Tucker)

The story of Trickster who is looking for an animal representative to teach man. Written in rhyme, this book is a companion to the song of the same name on SJ Tucker’s album: Blessings. Trudy Herring’s imaginative story and S.J. Tucker’s lyrical ballad are complemented by W. Lyon Martin’s lively illustration, combined in a book that young and old readers will delight in for years to come. Find more information at