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Coreopsis Journal of Myth and Theatre

Spring 2017 Vol. 6 Number 1

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A Faun Dancing

The Emergent Ecstatic Culture, New Life of  Fairy-Tales: Hearing Silence, and Resistance

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The Recovered Thing is not quite the same as the Thing-never-lost. It is often more precious. As Grace, recovered by repentance, is not the same as primitive Innocence but is not necessarily a poorer or worse state.  ― J.R.R. Tolkien, on Fairy-stories, 1947. Oxford University Press


The liminal nature of fairy tales as a metaphor for contemporary political resistance.

Between the Worlds: The Wit and Wisdom of the Artist in Residence

Wearing sacred masks brings us closer to our own mythos

Ritual of Resistance

Dim the lights, strike up the drum, feel the heartbeat.


Prominent artists who rejected the misogyny of the Surrealist Movement to forge their own creative paths.

 Israeli parents use modern fairy tales to give their children a moral alternative to the dominant patriarchal society.

Little Red Riding Hood and Bluebeard as ancient mysteries in the matristic Goddess tradition. 

A pioneering 20th Century performance artist discusses shamanism and the artist, the Gaia hypothesis, and how plate tectonics are actually sexy.

New Music Releases and Reviews

She walked through a theater door and discovered she no longer lived in California, but in a small village in Wales…

Donovan’s 50th-anniversary concert is a spartan event — plenty of music, but no t-shirts for sale.

Faun’s new dark wave album explores the mists of northern and eastern Europe.

A survey of new or notable sounds, from the Stones’ first studio album in ten years to an experimental collection of tracks recorded at 432hz.

Artist Profiles

Ignored by the music industry, a new generation of Progressive Rock artists takes control of their own careers.

The veteran guitarist and composer discusses whether musicians are mentally ill, his musical medicine project, and chinchillas.


Lauren Rain, MFA: Artist in Residence 2017

Greg Spawton: Music & Magic

In Memoriam

Where we remember those who enriched our lives with their presence on this Earth.

Special Tributes:

Fawn Journeyhawk Ron Boyer and Carly Journeyhawk

Huston Smith Ron Boyer

Leonard Cohen by  Ron Boyer


The Final Word – staff written

 Even Old Hippie Girls Know  by Lezlie Kinyon

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