Society Membership

How to support The Society for Ritual Arts

Membership in the Society is provided by one of two methods:

Volunteering for a task that is needed, please go here:


OR: by membership dues.

As of this writing, membership dues are set as “a significant donation to the societies’ projects”, please go here: 

To support a specific project under the SRA umbrella, please place the name of that project in the “special instructions” box. (Ex: “The Eos Scholars”, “Lost Chord Award”, “2017-18 Gatherings” or “Coreopsis Journal”.) The Society for Ritual Arts is a 501c3 organization. Thank you!:


The levels of support, amounts, and how to pay membership dues has not yet been set by the Board of Directors. Dues at the Supporting Level will include fees to attend the Society for Ritual Arts Annual Gathering, the Spring Festival by and for Ritual, Sacred and Folk  Artists (not including hotel, transportation, or meals).  Proposed are:

  • Sustaining
  • Supporting
  • Ensemble (Theatre , Dance, or Musical Ensemble)

Current needs: 

Dear Readers, Supporters, Intrepid Staff Members, Reviewers and Referees, Advisors, and Society for Ritual Arts BoD members, 

We need to ask for a little help from all of you.
We are in need of some funds to publish the next issue of our journal, Coreopsis Journal of Myth & Theatre.  Toward this end we are asking for help from from all of you who have supported our work so far:

📌What we need right now 

Please know that if you cannot assist – we offer our love and support and, please, pass on this request to anyone you think would enjoy our journal:
We have to raise about $300-$450 to publish and $500 right away to be completely out of the red. 
A $1000+  will get us up and ready for the next issue (Spring 2018)  $2000 will keep us publishing through 2018 and $4000 will place is in the position to move to POD (print on demand) editions.  
For that high end donation not only will you be assured that you will receive future issues of Coreopsis, you will receive our undying gratitude and truckload of Good Kharma (and, any other perks we can come up with here). Thank you! 
The Autumn issue of Coreopsis Journal should be ready to read and ponder first week of September, 2017. 
Lezlie Kinyon, Ph. D. Editor and all of us here at “Coreopsis Central”.