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About the Society for Ritual Arts

The Society for Ritual Arts is a nonprofit, interfaith organization at the crossroads of art, science and spirituality. We publish a semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal, Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theater, as well as host events related to ritual arts. Our mission is to support the ritual arts community through the advancement of arts and scholarly research in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, healing, performance, and visual media. We support work that advances freedom of spiritual practices globally, the scientific study of spirituality and the human brain, and beauty in any media that inspires a spiritual sense of wonder, awe or connectedness. We are currently seeking 501(c)3 nonprofit status.



The Society for Ritual Arts and Coreopsis Journal of Myth & Theatre is seeking enthusiastic editors to join the staff. The Creative Editor will edit play scripts, one-off publications and other creative efforts as needed.

The upcoming project is a planned anthology of creative works and essays on ritual and sacred theatre, with submitted play scripts intended for separate publication. Knowledge of standard play scripting formats and a willingness to break some rules will help. You will also occasionally work with the Content Manager editing copy intended for web-based content. (Note: we do not publish novels, short fiction, or collections of other creative works.)

Some training can be provided, but you should know how meet deadlines, to work diplomatically with authors, be fast and accurate, have impeccable grammar and spelling skills, and be able to point us to some work you’ve done involving writers and other publications. You may, occasionally, be asked to work with scholars for whom English is not their first language and with writers who are not academics and will need extra assistance.

You will report to the Editor in Chief and directly under the Associate Editor of Coreopsis Journal of Myth & Theater, and under the oversight of the Editorial Board for all publications of the Society.

You should also have an interest in ritual arts, since the bulk of the work will involve papers and stories relevant to this topic. Subjects that our community members are interested in run the gamut from shamanism to consciousness and mind/brain studies, spiritual healing, environmental stewardship, and international activism for religious freedom – not to mention spirituality-themed music, art and performance. Any and all faiths welcome! We are globally-minded and work with artists and scholars from very diverse backgrounds.

Your schedule is entirely up to you, but expect to put in at least 5-6 hours of work per week during our regular publication cycle and to make regular progress reports on your work to the Associate Editor.

This is a volunteer position for the time being, but we are growing fast and making some big changes with plans to transition this role into a per diem paid position within the next two years. For the right person, this could be a role that helps shape and define an emerging community, with involvement in events and chances to meet artists, musicians and scholars from all over the world.


  • Edit stories pertaining to ritual arts, using good judgement
  • Work with a scholarly but fun attitude, maintaining a sense of wonder and whimsy while addressing more serious issues with tact and treating academic members of the community appropriately
  • Occasionally edit post items from the Advisory Board, like calls for submissions, new publication announcements, event details, and promotions
  • Work fast and accurately understanding that not all authors are familiar with scholarly writing and/or APA style
  • Ability to check all references in all papers for style, accuracy, and relevance


  • Impeccable grammar
  • A deeper-than-normal grasp of APA style
  • Familiarity with academic publishing and the peer-review process
  • Familiarity with any of the academic fields of cognitive science, consciousness studies, religious studies, psychology, mythology, anthropology, ritual studies, theater and spirituality/religion, mythic studies
  • Enthusiasm for any aspect of ritual arts

You will report directly to the Editor-in-Chief, who sits on the Advisory Board. The Society for Ritual Arts is a nonprofit organization currently seeking 501c(3) status. We publish a semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal, Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theater.

Website: SocietyForRitualArts.com
Journal: Coreopsis.org

To apply:

Send us your resume and a cover letter telling us about your interest and experience in ritual arts and social media, using the form below.

We look forward to meeting you!