Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator

About the Society for Ritual Arts

The Society for Ritual Arts is a nonprofit, interfaith organization at the crossroads of art, science and spirituality. We publish a semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal, Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theater, as well as host events related to ritual arts. Our mission is to support the ritual arts community through the advancement of arts and scholarly research in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, healing, performance, and visual media. We support work that advances freedom of spiritual practices globally, the scientific study of spirituality and the human brain, and beauty in any media that inspires a spiritual sense of wonder, awe or connectedness. We are currently seeking 501(c)3 nonprofit status.


The Society for Ritual Arts is seeking an enthusiastic, detail-oriented and outgoing individual to become our Fundraiser.  You must have experience fundraising for events in small to medium-sized organizations, preferably in the fields of academia, art/music/performance and/or nonprofit. Experience with annual festivals or conferences preferred. You should also have an interest in ritual arts. Subjects that our community members are interested in run the gamut from shamanism to consciousness studies, spiritual healing, environmental stewardship, and international activism for religious freedom–not to mention spirituality-themed music, art and performance. Any and all faiths welcome! We are globally-minded and work with artists and scholars from very diverse backgrounds.

Our first major event is coming up in January and you will be soliciting sponsorship for it with input from the Advisory Board. It will be hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area, so you should live in the area or have the ability to travel there for the event. Other events, including an annual conference/festival will occur once or twice a year in locations yet to be determined, and between events your schedule is your own, but expect 4-6 hours a week.


Organize activities to raise funds or otherwise solicit and gather monetary donations or other gifts for the organization. May design and produce promotional materials. Raise awareness of the organization’s work, goals, and financial needs.

  • Organize and help with traditional fundraising activities such as sponsored or promotional events, raffles, and developing new fundraising ideas and events including an annual donations/pledge/membership campaign
  • Recruiting and facilitating the work of volunteers in concert with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Approaching individuals, schools, universities, local authorities, shops and commercial organisations for sponsorship and donations
  • Develop corporate fundraising programs, such as employer gift-matching.
  • Monitor progress of fundraising drives.
  • Compile or develop materials to submit to granting or other funding organizations.
  • Develop and maintain media contact lists.
  • Develop strategies to encourage new or increased contributions.
  • Prepare materials for charitable events, such as fundraising envelopes, bid sheets, or gift bags.
  • Create or update donor databases.
  • Establish fundraising or participation goals for special events or specified time periods.
  • Explain the tax advantages of contributions to potential donors.
  • Identify and build relationships with potential donors.
  • Monitor budgets, expense reports, or other financial data for fundraising organizations.
  • Attend community events, meetings, or conferences to promote organizational goals or solicit donations or sponsorships.
  • Recruit sponsors in the business community for society events (Awards Dinner, Annual Gathering, Art Salon or House Concerts)
  • Create or update donor databases.
  • Establish fundraising or participation goals for special events or specified time periods.
  • Contact corporate representatives, government officials, or community leaders to increase awareness of organizational causes, activities, or needs.
  • Develop or implement fundraising activities, such as annual giving campaigns or direct mail programs.
  • Direct or coordinate web-based fundraising activities, such as online auctions or donation Web sites.
  • Plan and direct other special events specifically for fundraising (such as silent auctions, social media campaigns, and etc.).
  • Solicit cash or in-kind donations or sponsorships from individual, business, or government donors.
  • Write speeches, press releases, or other promotional materials to increase awareness of the causes, missions, or goals of organizations seeking funds.
  • Conduct research to identify the goals, net worth, history of charitable donations, or other data related to potential donors, potential investors, or general donor markets.
  • Coordinate transportation or delivery of materials, supplies, or donations for fundraising events.
  • Develop fundraising activity plans that maximize participation or contributions and minimize costs.
  • Write and send letters of thanks to donors.
  • Write reports (or prepare presentations) to communicate fundraising program data to the Board after each event and compile an annual report including a frank analyses of the successes and failures of each funding effort.

Work with Staff Members to:

  • Locate volunteers for events.
  • Direct or supervise fundraising staff, including volunteer staff members.
  • Secure commitments of participation or donation from individuals or corporate donors.
  • Prepare materials for charitable events, such as fundraising envelopes, bid sheets, or gift bags.
  • Design or produce materials such as posters, Websites, or newsletters to promote, market, or advertise fundraising events.
  • Secure speakers and musicians for  community meetings or conferences to increase awareness of of the Society’s aims and goals.


Experience in the following areas will helpful:

  • finance
  • business studies
  • management
  • marketing
  • public relations

Key skills

  • Sales and negotiation abilities
  • Communication skills
  • Using Social Media tools
  • Good organisation
  • Administrative skills
  • Resourcefulness
  • Creative thinking
  • Effective problem solving
  • Ability to collaborate and understanding of consensus process

To apply, write a short note telling us why you would be a good fit, and send it to us along with your resume or CV using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!