Meet our 2015 Artist-in-Residence, Ivan Szendro

Ivan Szendro, our 2015 Artist-in-Residence, is a mythologist and healer shaman from eastern Hungary who now resides in New York. He wrote this short piece for us about how he first became involved with the project that started out as a journal called Coreopsis and evolved, over the course of his year with us, into the Society for Ritual Arts. 


My first encounter with Lezlie, the inventor of this particular modern tribe, Coreopsis, who dreamed up this fire that people sit by to tell their – …life?…legend?…love? – is a blur in my memory.

Ivan Szendro

Ivan Szendro, our 2015 Artist-in-Residence

I penned online, on a Christmas Night, that whoever wants to hear her or his shamanic legend, just ask for it, I am here, Ivan the Shaman, to do it. And Lezlie was one of my late-night online companions on that “silent night” while we saw unfolding her legend and our mutually inspiring friendship.

Since then, her generous interest has resulted here on these pages some four published essays, interviews and my sweetest contribution to the tribe, a Collective Legend of Coreopsis,  “The Seven Enchanted Buffalo Sisters.” It’s our baby.

I came to Amerika from my ruined, flood-devastated Hungarian village with a preconception induced by Hollywood action movies, but Coreopsis was the place and people, who widened my narrow-sighted view about this country. Thanks to them, I found a new fire to tell my legend by.


Ivan Szendro,
Artist-in-Residence in 2015,
Mythologist, Healer Shaman
“Self-Made Shaman” award-winning documentary (trailer)


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