Our Team

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Executive Board

Lezlie Kinyon,  Ph.D.  President 2017

Luisah Teish, Society Vice President for 2017; Priestess in Residence

Tzipora Katz, Ph.D., Treasurer

Tatyanna Wilkinson, Technical Adviser

Linda Vonbraskat-Crowe, Acting Secretary


Marylyn Motherbear Scott, Adviser

Ivan Szendro, Shaman Adviser and 2015 Shaman-in-Residence

Linda Vonbraskat-Crowe, Adviser

Thea Boodhoo, Brand Adviser

Lauren Raine 2017 Artist in Residence

Coreopsis Editorial Board

Lezlie Kinyon, Editor-in-Chief

Tzipora Katz, Associate Editor

Tatyanna Wilkinson, Web Editor

Coreopsis Editorial Volunteers

Laurie Dietrich, Editor

David Arv Bragi, Copywriter

Liz Spurr, Photography Editor (on leave)

Susan Gabrielle, Editor

Rose Jayada, Editor

Leslie Fish, Editor, music adviser

Robyn Perry, Editor, Music Reporter, Ritual arts Radio Host

Linda Vonbraskat-Crowe, Copy Editor

Helena Domenic – regular contributor

Brand Volunteers

Thea Boodhoo, Brand Advisor

Jan Radovik, Social Media Manager

Events: Spring Society Festival Gathering and Lost Chord Awards

Hallie Frazer, 2017/18 Lost Chord Award Chair

Lezlie Kinyon, Awards Program ritual design

Luisah Teish, Overall Festival Organizer