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We publish a peer-reviewed, semi-annual academic journal celebrating the ritual arts, Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theatre.
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Autumn 2017 will be available First Week of September:

Past Issues: 

Spring 2017 Vol. 6 Number 1: A Faun Dancing: The Emergent Ecstatic Culture, New Life of  Fairy-Tales: Hearing Silence, and Resistance

Autumn 2016 Vol. 5 Number 2: Women in Oppression: Body, Mind, Heart,

Spring 2016 Vol 5 Number 1  Faery Dreams… and, Dreaming of Faery

Autumn 2015: 
Vol. 4 Number  2
Celebrating Traditional Peoples: Otherworld Journeys

Spring 2015 vol. 4 number 1 Earth Tales: The Challenge Ahead


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