Lost Chord Award Nominees for 2017/18

The Lost Chord Award is given annually by the Society for Ritual Arts to a musician or musical group for work that embodies the mission of the Society – to inspire a spiritual sense of wonder, awe or connectedness. This award will be presented to the awardees at a gala evening event at the Society for Ritual Arts Spring Festival Gathering, 2018.

To support this award, please go here and place “Lost Chord Award 2017/18” in the “special instructions” box: http://societyforritualarts.com/donate/

……………. and,  how to vote:

look through the nominees, listen to their music and learn a bit about them and why they were nominated, then:  use the contact form at the bottom of this page (keep scrolling!). Then: place your choice in the body of the text.  If you like: add a note to the SRA Spring Festival:  Lost Chord planning team  – and hit “send”.  Thanks!

Past Awardees:

The 2017/18 Nominees and the number of votes (updated weekly)  are: 

Still on the Hill – Kelly & Donna Mulholland for: The “Still a River” Listen: http://www.stillonthehill.com/listen-1/ Project (4 votes)  www.stillonthehill.com 

Margaret & Kristoph (4 votes) for many years of music and work to better our communities www.flowinglass.com 

Jennifer Berezan (1 vote) Edge of Wonder Music: http://www.edgeofwonder.com/

Michael Mullen  (3 votes) for live performances that inspire and engender awe and groundbreaking work with new sound technologies  www.michaelmullen.net

Azam Ali (3 votes) http://www.azamalimusic.com/ Interview with Niyaz: https://www.pri.org/stories/2017-06-09/worlds-music-features-week-niyaz-and-original-despacito

Sonja Drakulich (5 votes) To listen:  http://stellamara.com/media/  Interview: http://daturaonline.com/news/musician-spotlight-sonja-drakulich-of-stellamara/

Taj Mahal (1 votes) www.tajblues.com

Jojo Razor (3 votes) For community work, songwriting, and for inspiring live performances www.jojorazor.com

Jamie Glaser (2 votes) For “Listen to the Silence” , his work with animal rescue, and a lifetime of music. http://jamieglaser.com/

Bon Singer & Ya Elah (2 votes) http://yaelah.strikingly.com/

Diana Rowan & Pezhham Akhavass for The Sky at Dawn & interfaith/cultural works (5 votes) http://sky-at-dawn.strikingly.com/

Avalon Rising – all members past & present (2 voteswww.flowinglass.com For many years of performing original works and creating community through appearances both collectively and individually.

Sage Harpists: Anna Maria Mendietta, Diana Rowan, Winnie Wong, Yacine Kouyate, Robin Mills, Laura Porter  (1 vote) Sage Harpists’ mission is to create a comforting, healing environment to all in the medical facility – patients, families, medical staff, support staff, visitors, and volunteers. Sage Harpists distinguishes itself through its unique services, attention to quality and professionalism, and through the vetting of healing harpists from a diverse group of accomplished music professionals. http://sageharpists.strikingly.com/ 

The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir (2 votes) http://songs-mp3.pk/music/download/1/rejoice-christmas-with-the-oakland-interfa-the-oakland-interfaith-gospel-choir.html