Lost Chord Award Nominees for 2017/18

The Lost Chord Award is given annually by the Society for Ritual Arts to a musician or musical group for work that embodies the mission of the Society – to inspire a spiritual sense of wonder, awe or connectedness. This award will be presented to the awardees at a gala evening event at the Society for Ritual Arts Spring Festival Gathering, 2018.

To support this award, please go here and place “Lost Chord Award 2017/18” in the “special instructions” box: http://societyforritualarts.com/donate/

……………. and,  how to vote:

…. look through the nominees, listen to their music and learn a bit about them and why they were nominated, then: use the contact form at the bottom of this page (keep scrolling!). And, then: place your choice(s) in the body of the text on the contact form at the very bottom of this page.  If you like: add a note to the SRA Spring Festival:  Lost Chord planning team  – and – hit “send”.  Thanks!

Past Awardees:

The 2017/18 Nominees and the number of votes (updated weekly)  are: 

Still on the Hill – Kelly & Donna Mulholland for: The “Still a River” Listen: http://www.stillonthehill.com/listen-1/ Project (6 votes)  www.stillonthehill.com 

Margaret & Kristoph (12 votes) for many years of music and work to better our communities www.flowinglass.com 

S.J. Tucker (3 votes) For many years of community work and inspiring music. Listen here: http://sjtucker.com/

Jennifer Berezan (1 vote) Edge of Wonder Music: http://www.edgeofwonder.com/

Michael Mullen  (4 votes) for live performances that inspire and engender awe and groundbreaking work with new sound technologies  www.michaelmullen.net

Steve Seskin (2 vote) for the “Don’t Laugh at Me” song that became an anti-bullying project and for a long and distinguished career working to create a better world. http://www.steveseskin.com/news/ We Build Walls Teens Music Camp for Young Songwriters: https://youtu.be/b584g1Lz4Ps

Azam Ali (3 votes) http://www.azamalimusic.com/ Interview with Niyaz: https://www.pri.org/stories/2017-06-09/worlds-music-features-week-niyaz-and-original-despacito

Sonja Drakulich (5 votes) To listen:  http://stellamara.com/media/  Interview: http://daturaonline.com/news/musician-spotlight-sonja-drakulich-of-stellamara/

Taj Mahal (1 votes) www.tajblues.com

Jojo Razor (3 votes) For community work, songwriting, and for inspiring live performances www.jojorazor.com

Jamie Glaser (3 votes) For “Listen to the Silence” , his work with animal rescue, and a lifetime of music. http://jamieglaser.com/

Bon Singer & Ya Elah (2 votes) http://yaelah.strikingly.com/

Diana Rowan & Pezhham Akhavass for The Sky at Dawn & interfaith/cultural works (10 votes) http://sky-at-dawn.strikingly.com/

Avalon Rising – all members past & present (3 voteswww.flowinglass.com For many years of performing original works and creating community through appearances both collectively and individually.

Sage Harpists: Anna Maria Mendietta, Diana Rowan, Winnie Wong, Yacine Kouyate, Robin Mills, Laura Porter  (1 vote) Sage Harpists’ mission is to create a comforting, healing environment to all in the medical facility – patients, families, medical staff, support staff, visitors, and volunteers. Sage Harpists distinguishes itself through its unique services, attention to quality and professionalism, and through the vetting of healing harpists from a diverse group of accomplished music professionals. http://sageharpists.strikingly.com/ 

The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir (3 votes) http://songs-mp3.pk/music/download/1/rejoice-christmas-with-the-oakland-interfa-the-oakland-interfaith-gospel-choir.html

Note from the Festival Planners: We know it’s a little bit clunky to ask people to use a contact form, but, we wanted to make sure everyone got to explore the work of the nominees and comment on their choice(s) as well as vote. If you find that you want to chose more than one musician, please say so in your comments and rank them: first, second, third, etc.  (Thanks so much!)  Sharing the link above is also something we’d really appreciate. (We may share some of the comments at the proceedings.)  – Love and blessings from all of us

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