The Eos Promising Scholar Awards

The Editors and Volunteers of Coreopsis Journal of Myth and Theatre are proud to announce the winners of the Ēōs Promising Scholar Award for 2017-18.

Ēōs Erigeneia – Evelyn De Morgan (1895)

Named for the ancient goddess of the dawn, Ēōs Erigeneia, who brings up the light of day from the east. Often the companion of Athena, Eos brings light both metaphorically and in reality each new morning.

Presented to scholars at the “dawn” of their careers and who have not published previously in a peer reviewed journal.  Scholars are selected by the staff and peer review team for papers submitted to Coreopsis Journal which exemplify excellence in research and writing. 

The two Eos scholars for this year were tied for the award. Each scholar is also an artist in her own right and are active in their communities making this world a better place. The papers tackled difficult subjects that are well deserving of attention by researchers. 

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Recipient are awarded:

  • Space on the SRA pages to share their ideas and to update research.
  • Guests of Honor at the 2018 Spring Festival Awards Presentations.
  • Membership in the SRA with all rights and privileges.

Congratulations and well done! 

Stacy Dulan

Stacy Dulan, University of California at Berkeley for her paper “Dowry Death: A Social and Political Creation” Fall 2016 Vol 5 # 2

Stacy Dulan is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, worked in the professional music industry as a singer, songwriter and vocal producer, and recently received her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from UC Berkeley. She currently resides in her hometown of Oakland, CA, where she is embarking on a new professional journey with the Veterans Administration to enhance the lives of psychologically compromised vets. Stacy is also in the process of undergoing yoga teacher training with the long-term goal of combining yoga and music therapy to support veterans. She is an enthusiastic gardener and loves craft beer.

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Pauline Evina-Stangl

Pauline Evina-Stangl, R.N., P.H.N., Dominican University of California,  for her paper “Sexual Myth and the Use of Condoms in African Culture” Vol 4 No. 2 Fall 2015

Pauline Evina-Stangl was born and raised in Yaounde, Cameroon. Immigrating to the United States with her husband in 1994, she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at the Dominican University of California in 2009. A Registered Nurse and certified Public Health Nurse, she has worked at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland, CA as an LVN, and currently is on the staff of the Oakland Unified School District as a School Nurse. Her interests lie in public health services and as an advocate for HIV/AIDS education and awareness, especially in Africa.

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