Marylyn Motherbear Scott


Founder, Visionary Creatrix, High Priestess and Goddess-in-Chief of the Magickal Cauldron, a non-profit religious and educational organization and Mystery School, produces Goddess Gather, Two as One – God and Goddess Gather Together; the Living Mysteries of Eleusis and other events. Its motto is Personal Growth on the Ecstatic Edge. Ordained by the Church of All Worlds, the Temple of Ishtar, and the Fellowship of Isis, she is an elder Witch who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, inspiration and creativity to her magickal work.

Fondly known as Motherbear, the poet-priestess, she is an active part of the Mendocino and Sonoma literary communities. Published in chapbook, periodicals, journals, she presents as a feature of spoken word, poetry, prose, nonfiction essay and memoir.

Motherbear offers counseling, divination sessions and facilitates Rites of Passage β€” Births, Blessings Ways, Weddings, Death and Dying. She offers uniquely created rituals and ceremony for occasions of personal importance as well as birthing ways, weddings, death and dying. Licensed by the State of California.