Rose Spinne

Special Contributor

Rose Spinne is an artist living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Her work builds visual gateways to hidden realms of Dream and Spirit. “My purpose is seeing what is not easily seen and Drawing it onto paper, like a door held slightly ajar.” She was born among the forests and farmlands of south-eastern Quebec. Here began her fascination with natural materials and themes, sketching the horses she rode and the trees she climbed. Here too began her interest in myth and magic, seeking to understand things not immediately visible.

Rose’s pursuits took her to Concordia University in Montreal, where she studied psychology, education, and fine-arts technique, completing graduate studies in art therapy. Versatile in a wide range of media from sculpting, photography, and printmaking to writing and performance, her voice most often finds expression through pencil and paint. Her style shows a unique blending of forms, the subtle linking together of living things previously thought separate and unrelated. “I love line, interconnecting threads, the fluid transformation of one being into another, the deliberately wild unfurling of conundrum.”

Rose has illustrated cards, posters, cd covers, and books. Her work has been in exhibits and performances across Canada and sold internationally.