The founding of the Society for Ritual Arts

Several years ago, a small group of dedicated artists and scholars began collecting academic papers, art, music, performance reviews, and everything related to myth, theater and ritual arts that was floating in the ether around them, waiting for a place to call home. They published the collection online as a peer-reviewed journal, Coreopsis. Some time later, it became Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theater, and a community began to grow around it.

In 2015, it was time to decide what happened next. The journal had grown and the small group of artists and scholars wondered how they could turn their activities into a force for good. The Society for Ritual Arts was born, an organization dedicated to the ritual arts community with a goal of hosting inspiring events, helping artists and scholars, and publishing much more beyond Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theater.

Today, we’re growing fast and seeking 501(c)3 nonprofit status so that we can expand, improve our offering to the ritual arts community, and do good in the world.


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