The Society For Ritual Arts Artists-in-Residence

About the Artist in Residence

The Society for Ritual Arts  implemented a position  for an Artist in Residence in late 2014 selected by the members of the volunteer staff and confirmed by the Board approximately on a 13 month cycle.

The “world” that the Artist in Residence creates through her or his art, is the world the Society members “play” in for the duration of his or her tenure. Everything we do is informed by that artist’s aesthetic, vision, and palette, from the look and feel of the Society’s webpages to the table settings at the Annual Awards Gathering. The artist works most closely with the editor and designer for Coreopsis Journal, selecting profiled artists and cover art and influencing  the overall aesthetic of the journal.

Board Members and the current artists working on Society projects may nominate any artist that he or she feels would add to the Society’s aesthetic sensibilities with works that inspire a numinous sense of wonder.

Volunteer may contact one or the other of the nominated artists and informally interview the nominees. The Editors of  the SRA Newsletter and Coreopsis Journal, in particular, try to get to know the nominees over a several week period.

When we’ve narrowed the field to four or five, and we know that all of the artists nominated can commit to their tenure, there is a simple voting process among the volunteers and Board members. The current Artist in Residence holds a weighted vote and the founding editor of Coreopsis Journal holds the tie-breaking vote.

The Artist selected is given a permanent feature, “Between the Worlds” in Coreopsis Journal and blog space on the Society for Ritual Arts web pages. the artist holds, in addition, a vole on the Society’s Board for the duration of her or his tenure.

The 2017/18 Artist in Residence is Lauren Raine. To view Ms. Raine’s works and read about her, please go here:

To view the works of previous artists, please click on the artist’s name:

Chip Thomas 2016

Ivan Szendro 2015


Lezlie Kinyon

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