A Journal where Ritual, Sacred and Folk Performance Arts and Scholarship meet.

Like a bright little wildflower, folk, myth, and ritual theatre grows where it can, blooms brightly and seeds itself for future generations. There is an alliterative reference to Kore, the Maiden of the Eleusinian Mysteries in simply saying the name of this wildflower. By doing so, one may evoke the image of the Court of Beautiful Dances, a place where ritual theatre flourished for many thousand years. Like wildflowers, folk theatre flourishes in unexpected places: street corners, alleyways, open fields and along roadsides.

Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theatre is published semi-annually by the Society for Ritual Arts.


Calls for papers and more
Autumn 2017 Call for Papers

Autumn 2017 Call for Papers

Creating the Living Art of Ritual   Abstract Deadline:  June 21, 2017 Paper Deadline: July 30, 2017 (peer reviewers deadline:...

Spring 2017 Call for Papers

Spring 2017 Call for Papers

A Faun Dancing: The Emergent Ecstatic Aesthetic Faery Festivals/Cons, Indy Music, “Burners”, Green Women and Blue Men Abstract Deadline:  December...