Licensing guide

By default, all work submitted is licensed as “All Rights Reserved” by the author, however, we encourage you to explore other licensing options. Decide on one of the following before submitting your work.

Creative Commons
We highly recommend using a Creative Commons license. There are several types of Creative Commons licences that give the public varying degrees of permission for using your work. Choose a variation before submitting. Here is a helpful guide

Public Domain
Works in the Public Domain are free to use, share, rework, or sell by anyone at any time, with or without credit to the creator. Essentially, you’re giving away your work to the world. This is a generous gift, but also means that if you see your work on a tee-shirt some day you have waived your right to seek compensation.

All Rights Reserved
This phrase indicates that you retain full copyright and do not wish for anyone to reproduce your work without explicit permission. This also legally prohibits people from posting your work to social media feeds like Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. One downside of this license is that it creates a barrier for those who appreciate your work to share it with others of like mind.

By default, all creative work that does not specify some other license falls under the “All Rights Reserved” license, whether it includes the phrase “All Rights Reserved” or not.

Social Media Use by the Society for Ritual Arts
Whichever license you choose, when you agree to publish your work with the Society for Ritual Arts, you agree to allow us to use your work in our own social media feeds in order to promote your work and the publication it appears in. We will credit you in posts that include your work whenever possible, no matter which license you choose.