For a given issue, we often receive far more music and literature for review than we have time to review it in, so we’re always interested in working with new reviewers. If you’re open to reviewing a work in our queue, send us your contact information and an explanation of your previous writing experience using the form below.

If you already have a piece in mind that you would like to review, describe it to us in the body of your message and we will contact you if it aligns with the theme of an upcoming issue.

Works for review
Send a letter of inquiry describing your recently published book, album or other media using the form below. If one of our reviewers expresses interest, we will contact you for the full submission. At that time, we will request  two copies. One copy goes to the reviewer and is the reviewer’s to keep. The second copy remains in an archive which is open to researchers on a case by case basis. Your contact information will be given to the reviewer.

Rights for published reviews belong to the author of the review, and explicit permission must be given by that author for any reprinting of the review.

Once ready for submission, reviews will be expected to be approximately 3,000 words.