Art & multimedia

Photography and Illustration
Coreopsis is a highly visual publication and we love to pack each issue with tons of big, bold images. We profile one or two artists per issue with a dedicated gallery and we always need editorial artwork for our articles and covers. Send us a short description of your work and a link to your portfolio using the form below. If your work aligns with the theme of an upcoming issue, we will contact you requesting your full submission using the email address you provided. Artwork not used in an issue may be profiled by one of our social media accounts if it seems like it would be of interest to our audience.

Final submissions must be a minimum of 300 dpi at 8.5 by 11 inches, which is the size of our print edition. We expect these files to be around 3 to 7 mb in size. Images that are too small will be rejected.

Please note that you cannot simply scale up an image that was originally created at a low resolution. It must be created from the outset at the highest resolution practical.

Audio & Video
Send us a query describing your audio or video submission and include a link if possible, using the form on this page. If approved for publishing in our digital issue, we send a request for the complete file to the email address you provide.

All final submissions must specify a license. See our Licensing Guide if you’re not sure how to license your work.

Artist Profiles
Artist Profiles are included in the journal only at the invitation of the Editor or the Advisory Board in consultation with the Editor and are meant to be a method of honoring artists we believe exemplify the aims and goals of this journal.

  • Visual Artists
    To be considered for a profile of your work, please send a letter of interest and a link to sample works.  If your work is chosen, you will receive an invitation from the Editor(s), be interviewed by a writer who has been featured in this journal.  A permanent gallery page will be created for selected works, and your work may be featured on the cover of the issue your profile appears in.
  • Music, Literary, and Performing Artists  
    Same thing as visual artists, except for the cover art.