Coreopsis Journal of Myth & Theatre vol. 4 no. 2 Fall 2015


Where do your ancestors' bones reside? Where do you call home?

The Yemaya Festival…Montevideo 2015: a Living Tradition

Where do your ancestors’ bones reside? Where do you call home? By Lezlie Kinyon, Editor-in-Chief

Chris Squire: A Personal Appreciation

A very sad and heartfelt Rest In Peace to YES co-founder and bassist. By Gary Hobish

Journal News

New Advisors -- The Society for Ritual Arts -- The Lost Chord Award

Changes are in the Wind from Coreopsis: New Beginnings & Manifesting the Magic

Introducing new Advisory Board members, our 2016 Artist-in-Residence, and a new Social Media Manager

Announcing the formation of the Society for Ritual Arts

The founders of Coreopsis have created a nonprofit organization dedicated to Ritual Arts.

With the inauguration of the Lost Chord Award we are delighted to announce that our first awardees are…

The first-ever Lost Chord Award award goes to…

The Genesis of the Lost Chord Award

The first idea was “Pagan Grammy,” but it evolved… By Lezlie Kinyon, Founder of Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theater

The Shaman and His Daughter

Legends and Healing: Changing Shamanic Practices from Eastern Hungary

Read the featured story by our Artist in Residence, Ivan Szendro >>



Shamanic Community Building through Social Media

Mera Szendro rebuilds a ruined Hungarian village on Facebook

Read her article >>


Shamanic healing was never just a man's job -- African traditional healers worsen the AIDS epidemic -- Be still. Hunt. Heal. Live for the day -- Christian ritual, contemporary photography and the fight for equality

Raising the Dead: Medicine Women who Revive and Retrieve Souls

Shamanic healing? It was never just a man’s job. By Max Dashu

Sexual Myth and the Use of Condoms in African Culture

African traditional healers worsen the AIDS epidemic — but they have an opportunity. By Pauline Evina-Stangl, R.N., P.H.N.

Council Dreaming and Stories: Experiences of Healing and Transformation through Jaguar Medicine

Be still. Hunt. Heal. Live for the day. By Vera Lucia de Souza Moura MD, MS-MBM and Donald Moss,Ph.D.

An Artistic Visualization of Christ’s Passage Through the Stations of the Cross as Viewed Through the Lens of 1965 Selma

Christian ritual, contemporary photography and the fight for equality. By Hallie M. Frazer

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Featured Album: Wassail by Big Big Train

Apple tree, old apple tree, bountiful we raise a glass to thee

Read the review by Steve Blomerth >>

Profiles in Art

She doesn't like talking about herself, but this Native American wisdom-keeper has a lot to say -- Guided by the Yoruba goddess of love -- Original artwork by Luisah Teish and Fawn Journeyhawk

Gallery: Luisah Teish

Original paintings by an internationally known author, speaker, storyteller, and conference weaver.

Interview: Chief Luisah Teish, Iyanifa

An artist guided by the Goddess Oshun, the Yoruba Goddess of Love, Art, and Sensuality. Interview by  Jenna Farr Ludwig,...

An Interview with Fawn Journeyhawk: Native Elder, Healer, Visionary, Storyteller, Craftsperson, & Wisdom-Keeper

She won’t let you snap a photo of her. She doesn’t like talking about herself. But this Native American wisdom-keeper...

Grandmother Moon

An indigenous wisdom-keeper remembers the first night she saw the moon die

Read the story by Fawn Journeyhawk >>


New books and music -- Upcoming conferences and festivals -- Paper calls


Get ready for a season of music and dancing.


Networking and inspiration in the mythical domain.

New Music

  Progressive rock, jigs and reels, an accordion and more.

New Books & Print Publications

New Books & Print Publications

From comedies and nightmares to poetry and radical thought.

Projects by Coreopsis Volunteers

The legend of a ruined village — Twelve weeks in the desert — Anchoring the Goddess Gather — Steampunk music video

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In Memoriam

The man with the rickenbacker — The King of the Blues — The logical one — The mythopoet

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The Final Word

It's time for a futuristic genre to stop living in the past -- The difference between sharing and stealing

Understanding Cultural Appropriation

The difference between sharing and stealing. By David Arv Bragi

From Genly Ai to Louis Proof:  Are People of Color Well Represented in Science Fiction and Fantasy?

It’s time for a futuristic genre to stop living in the past. By Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D.

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