With the inauguration of the Lost Chord Award we are delighted to announce that our first awardees are…

The first-ever Lost Chord Award award goes to…


Sharon Knight and Winter

For the inception and production of the Portals Project


Imagine, if you will: An otherworldly carnival, traveling in and out of mystery, magic, the unexplained. You feel the hair raise on the back of your neck as a motley band of skillful and possibly dangerous musicians brandish their bows, their voices, their tambourines, and open portals to the realms of the fantastical! You thrill to the charms of seductive sirens, pixie pirates, steampunk sailors, metal warriors, witches and wanderlings, as a mighty cast of characters wield their mightiest mojo in a Theatre of Enchantment crafted to delight and awe!

… Sharon Knight.

Stay tuned to reserve your plate!
We’ll be sharing the reservations link here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Cost: $50 per plate minimum

Proceeds will be shared by Coreopsis Journal and the Society for the Ritual Arts for use in our projects and the honorees with a small honorarium reserved for the band providing after dinner music.

The Convocation will be led by Luisah Teish, internationally acclaimed writer and spiritual leader.

The Society for Ritual Arts and Coreopsis Journal of Myth and Theatre Editorial Staff and Advisory Board invite one and all to join us in an evening of food and music music to honor our awardees.  

Attire isBlack tie” formal

Imagine being called by dark and ethereal romantique music to a Winter Forest where Fae creatures have laid out a Feast of Delights Known and Unknown …

Musical tributes will be provided by these artists in an after dinner concert:

Michael Mullen, Trio of One
Michael Mullen’s Trio Of One does looped jigs and reels and rocking acoustic folk that lend a uniquely Celtic twist to the term One Man Band.

…is a band who perform original compositions and extended improvisations that draw on elements from progressive rock, ambient/trance, funk, jazz to Middle Eastern dance music that includes occult chanting. Hallmarks of their sound include analog Moog synthesizers and soaring vocals from Bay Area veteran singer JoJo Razor.


We can’t wait to see you there!

Read more about the Lost Chord Award in our next post, The Genesis of the Lost Chord Award.

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