What we’re looking for

  • Have you researched the long term health or life decisions of those who perform or attend public ritual performances in any tradition?
  • Are you interested in the evolution of human consciousness?
  • Are you an artist/scholar looking into the performance and visual aesthetics of the traditional peoples of the Earth?
  • Are you a practitioner of The Arts of Ritual Creation?
  • Have you researched techniques of trance induction or incorporating folk customs in the context of public rituals?
  • Are you a researcher utilizing aesthetic inquiry or the tools of the arts for your research?
  • Are you a scholar/musician who is interesting in the creative process of how a composition is created?
  • Do you have a deep epistemological question concerning meaning or conscious intent in the sacred arts?
  • Are you a theatre technician who has discovered an innovative way to light an outdoor performance?
  • Are you using the principles of Human System Design in the management of your rock band?
  • Have you been researching the health and emotional well-being of artists and have innovative insights?
  • Do you have a background in brain science and are interested in how music affects the corpus callosum?  
  • Are you interested in the use of shamanic states of consciousness in the presentation of ritual theatre by modern Slavic Pagans?
  • Have you spent (far too much time) analysing the music of a certain composer or modern performer?
  • Do you love the arts of story, story-making and and storytelling?
  • Do the plays of Aeschylus and Euripides or the lyric poetry of Sappho haunt you day and night?
  • Have you been researching the ancient sacred sites?
  • Are you involved in the reenactment/re-creation of the rite of Eleusis or the Dionysian Mysteries?
  • Do you study paleolithic stone monuments?
  • Are you a costume designer who confronted a knotty problem when designing for a fire-dance troupe?
  • Are you fascinated by the forms of folk theater practiced by ancient and/or medieval Britons?
  • Are you fascinated by journeys into “other realms” in the arts: dreams, Faery, hallucinations, mythopoetic literary traditions, etc?
  • Do you have an insight into the forms of N’oh, Sinhala drama, or Katajjaq singing?
  • Are you a musician who wishes to discuss the influences of the Celtic Bardic tradition on  modern progressive jazz players at depth?
  • Do you wish to discuss the pentatonic scale and the place of E#m within the development of specific musical forms?
  • Does progressive rock confront you with a mythic utopian/dystopian imagery that you would like to explore?
  • Do the healing properties of drumming have a place in your therapeutic practice?
  • Are you an expert in the uses of tonal properties of the Kabbalah or sanskrit mantras?
  • Do you have a burning question within our overall mandate that you want to explore in a paper that we haven’t covered here?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, or to one we didn’t ask but sounds eerily similar, we’d love to have you send us a query.

Coreopsis is a multidisciplinary journal, and welcomes papers from all fields of inquiry. Works which explore the depth and breadth of ritual arts and ritual performance, ancient and modern, intended to further the body of knowledge and expand the theoretical base for the use of scholars and practitioners are the special mandate of this journal. There is an overall mandate of “ritual, sacred and folk theatre and performance”, which includes technical aspects of mounting productions and analyses of the performing arts. There is an editor’s bias toward music, however any discipline within the areas suggested in the list above and in folk and fine arts is welcome.

Before you send us a query, consider carefully what it means to be submitting to an academic journal and make certain that you are submitting in the proper form, with your referencing double-checked and complete. Beyond that, each submission category has its own guidelines.

Check out the submission guidelines for the following categories and submit your query using the appropriate contact form:

Poetry, Scripts & Creative Writing
While we occasionally publish poetry, performance scripts and other creative work, we do not currently accept unsolicited submissions in these categories.

Issue Themes
Each issue is themed. Check the paper calls, take a look and send us a query.  We have a fairly fast turnaround. Once submitted, it takes about 3 weeks to complete peer-review.  Peer review comments are designed to help you present the best paper possible, and revisions are normal.

Become a peer reviewer
If you are interested in participating as a peer-reviewer or referee for artist-submissions please contact us stating your interest, including your credentials.

Papers by artists without academic training
Coreopsis welcomes papers and editorials submitted by artists from all fields and disciplines.  We referee written works somewhat differently when they are submitted by working artists who do not have academic training. If we believe your submission is a good fit, we will work with you one-on-one to edit your paper into the form appropriate for a scholarly journal.

Profiled artists are by invitation of the editorial staff and Advisory Board.

We look forward to seeing your work!